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The book First Lady President  was originally published in 2003 by Terraplane Publications of Greenville, South Carolina, and subsequently in 2007  by it's author, Inder Dan Ratnu, and in 2008 by Iuniverse, USA.  Although it might sound incredulous, yet it is true . This book has actually influenced a US presidential election. But how?

The author sent a complimenatary copy of this book to the Senate office of Barack Obama on 25 April 2007, at the very beginning of his campaign, as there was a character in the book named Charak Sudama, an African American senator from Illinois who was selected as a vice presidential running mate by the Democratic female presidential candidate. In the story of the book, the African American man impressed the lady and all others with his "anti-war" theme speech, and the lady delivered her nomination acceptance speech based upon a theme called "change" in chapter 9  titled "Democratic Convention and Beverly Hilton’s Nomination Acceptance Speech."

 It was this portion of the book which Obama used for his benefit.  He adopted the "anti-war" speech for himself ,stating he had opposed (spoken out against) the Iraq war, whereas Hillary had voted in the Senate in favor’ of the war, thus proving himself an anti-war politician and Hillary a pro-war one. This was precisely what  was done through the whole speech by the African American man in respect to the Republican rival of Beverly Hilton in the story of the book.  Obama then made a call for change his major campaign slogan. These were the only two points on the basis of which Obama proved his superiority over Hillary and defeated her in the primaries, upsetting her and bringing tears to her eyes at the very first state (Iowa) contest. One may recall that initially Obama seemed a dummy or a pigmy sort of candidate campared to Hillary, but only to turn into a formidable challenger later.

Thus, in due course, using the same points, he became a presidential candidate, and subsequently the president. Not only that, Obama issued a major foreign policy statement that he would negotiate with Iran, Syria, and North Korea “without any preconditions,” which sprang directly from the biggest highlighted portion of the speech of the African American man given in the book. Obama’s other foreign policy statement that he would send American forces into Pakistan to fight the terrorists if Pakistan did not fight them sincerely appears to be rooted in  his deeper study of  chapter 26 "General Hargej Khurapati" of the book .

The author of the book, Inder Dan Ratnu, having come all the way from India , paid a personal visit  to Hillary’s NY office in the middle of the primary season  in order to draw their attention to the power of the above two points, claiming on the basis of those points that Obama could well defeat Hillary. But this advice was met with an arrogant and naive "we know American politics better than any ' foreigner' " by Mrs. 
Clinton's staff.

The author can prove his above claim with solid evidence,including that of his visit to Mrs. Clinton's office. But no one should expect him -- a humble writer from a third world country -- to possess  the power to extract an admission from a politician who is now president of the United States, Mr. Obama himself, to this effect.

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